100721 Eunhyuk and Sungmin’s Star Call


pinkninja’s note: for everyone who is confused, STAR CALL is a service that also came from the same provider as UFO. You also have to pay for it like UFO, but i don’t really know how it works since it’s quite new. It was released 2-3 months ago I think ^^;;

credits. 韩饭博客 + Crystaldoll @ 2H Palace | source: blueprincez2 @ youtube


5 thoughts on “100721 Eunhyuk and Sungmin’s Star Call

  1. ngomong apaan dirimu bang?? o_____O ayeee kagak ngartos…. hahahaha
    senengnya ELF yang bisa ikutan UFO ama star call,, huhuhu aq juga pengen >___<

  2. lovarani says:

    coba bayangin,,kalo lagi kena imsonia,,trus dikirimin video call dari kunyuk kek gini,,
    makin gak bisa tidur dah gw,,hahahhaha

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