100811 Sukira Transcript – Donghae’s Call In (with BoA)

Teuk: Now there’s another phone call coming in.
Hyuk: Oh there’s still (phone calls)?
Teuk: Many people know Boa’s here.
Hyuk: Now the time is not very sufficient ah.
Teuk: All are calling in now.
Hyuk: Anything just call her yourself will do.
Teuk: Boa, you pick up this phone call bah.
Boa: Hello.
?: Hello.
Boa: Who is it?
Teuk: Continue to ask him.
Boa: Hello.
?: Why didn’t you speak formally in program ah.
Boa: Oh wait for a second. This, who is this?
Boa: May I know you’re? Hyuk: You make a guess who is he?
?: You make a guess.
Hyuk: Continue to chat (and guess).
Boa: Who’re you ah.
?: Make a guess.
Boa: Did you make a wrong call?
Teuk: Should (we) hang up?
Boa: Hang up?
?: Don’t.
Boa: Eh? Who? (Is it) Minho?
?: I’m Super Junior’s Donghae.
Hyuk: Is it Donghae?
Teuk: I didn’t recognise (the voice).
Boa: Voice… (seems like) it has changed.
Donghae: I’m your loyal listener.
Boa: But Donghae, why did you talk while lowering your voice.
Donghae: Because there’s practise for the concert, I just woke up.
Hyuk: Because there’s practise for the concert, I just woke up. What does this mean?
Donghae: Kept staying overnight lately.

Donghae: One to ten o’clock, I will turn on the radio to listen to KTR
Teuk: Ah really?
Teuk: Donghae.
Donghae: Yes.
Teuk: How did you and Boa know each other?
Donghae: The first time we saw each other is at… the location for a commercial shoot.
Hyuk: Ah camera.
Donghae: Before this, although there’s an interesting happening but (I) cannot disclose it here.
Teuk: Just say.
Donghae: Cannot. I will be beaten up by Boa.
Hyuk: Is it?
Teuk: Really?
Boa: No ah. I don’t know ah.
Teuk: Is it okay? Boa?
Boa: No. It is not okay.
Teuk: Ah cannot.
Boa: Donghae ah,
Donghae: Yes.
Boa: You must be careful ah.
Donghae: That’s right. That’s why I don’t want to say.
Teuk: Donghae. The first time you saw Boa, what’s the first impression?
Donghae: First of all…really is… (a) great sunbaenim.
Teuk: Yes that’s right.
Donghae: Because (she) is the sunbae, so the feeling was huge & tall.
Teuk: Feels huge & tall.
Donghae: And (she’s) also the star of Asia.
Teuk: Did you mean, although (she’s) not tall in height but (she) gives (people) the feeling of huge & tall is it?
Donghae: Can you don’t specifically emphasize?
Teuk: Okay I know already.
Boa: Donghae ah. You’re not considered very tall as well.

Hyuk: Donghae,
Hyuk: Donghae & I are also friends right.
Donghae: Yes yes yes.
Hyuk: Donghae & Boa are also friends.
Donghae: Yes.
Hyuk: But why didn’t (you) introduce (her) to me?
Donghae: I feel that Eunhyuk is pretending on purpose.
Hyuk: (it’s) not me pretending on purpose.
Hyuk: But the people around me who said it.
Donghae: In the past didn’t you have a chance to rap a part for Boa?
Donghae: Eunhyuk he… because of these 3 days, (he) didn’t have a good sleep and all he thinks is going to Japan.
Hyuk: Because (I) heard that there’s still shooting for the MV
Donghae: Later on (I) heard that between Eunhyuk and me; have to choose one out of two.
Teuk: That’s right that’s right.
Donghae: So I boasted to the members that I’m going to take a plane to Japan,
Donghae: Still promised to buy presents for the members when coming back, but later on the plan was cancelled.
Teuk: (have) been chopped off. *
Hyuk: Don’t say it this way.
Donghae: So for the week after that, (I) was in the mode of feeling down.
Teuk: So Donghae thinks that the good points of Boa are?
Donghae: Good points?
Teuk: Yes.
Donghae: Firstly… others may think that it’s hard to get along with her.
Donghae: Actually she’s fragile at heart.
Donghae: And really needs love from others
Hyuk: You said really needs love from others?
Donghae: Because she often feels lonely.
Teuk: Lonely. That’s right. She said (that) to me before.
Hyuk: The more famous a celebrity is…
Donghae: Boa is not only our big sunbaenim, (she’s) also someone amazing.
Donghae: So (people) feel that it’s hard to get close to her.
Donghae: But those who truly understand her will know that she’s a fragile, kind and a passionate person.
Donghae: needs others to take care of her.

Donghae: Maybe others think that Boa is outstanding in everything she does.
Donghae: Because whatever she did was very successful.
Donghae: But as a friend, I really want to take care of her more.
Boa: When did you take care of me before?
Donghae: She only plays with Siwon and Heechul.
Boa: Didn’t you run away yesterday?
Donghae: I went to exercise yesterday.
Boa: Our Donghae is really good at talking.
Teuk: Really good at talking?
Boa: Can’t say anything about him.
Teuk: What do you think of donghae as a person?
Boa: Donghae this person… I also had no idea.
Teuk: You had no idea also ah.
Hyuk: Oh really?
Teuk: As the opposite gender, (does he) has any charm?
Boa: Yes. Is a very handsome friend. Very handsome.
Boa: But,
Boa: Hope he’ll take care of me more.
Teuk: Don’t only say but do nothing.
Hyuk: Take good care of people okay?
Donghae: Yes. Ah?
Teuk: Donghae. Saying these kind of words in program, (people) will only think that you’re playing cool.
Donghae: No…I also want to take care (of her)… But I’m also… quite busy ah.
Hyuk: (We) got it.
Hyuk: Donghae,
Donghae: Yes.
Hyuk: Thanks for the call-in today.
Donghae: It seems like my call-in time is shorter than Kim Yong Jae sunbaenim ah…
Hyuk: In the future…
Teuk: Because it’s not interesting ah.
Hyuk: In the future, Donghae you must guest in Sukira at least once.
Donghae: This is originally my program, Sukira.
Hyuk: That’s right. (So) have to come at least once.
Teuk: Donghae,
Teuk: Time is running out. We want to chat with Boa already.
Donghae: I want to chat with Boa also.
Hyuk: Donghae,
Teuk: If you want to participate, please send a text message of 50won to $890.
Donghae: Later there’s still practise at 1am, I’ll see if I can go over.
Hyuk: Ah (I) know already.
Hyuk: Donghae,
Hyuk: Going to hang up already?
Donghae: No, no. Cannot be like this.

* – Meaning being replaced.

source: here & here (Baidu)
chinese translation: 移花宫 @ Onlyhyukhae.
english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ sj-world.net.
take out with full credit


3 thoughts on “100811 Sukira Transcript – Donghae’s Call In (with BoA)

  1. nhyukinoz says:

    hahaha lol,,,
    lucu bget,,,,

    si Donghae nakal dia gak ngenalin Hyuk k boa, jd’n hyuk suka canggung kan sm dia,,
    trus si Donghae jg suka bget ngmg pgen nglindungin cewek,,,,brpa kali y aku dger’n??? coba deh blang kl aku yg mo d’lindungin, udah aku cerai kan tuh si Unyuk,,, *jelez*

    Donghae oppa emg cakep,, bner kata Boa, lbih ckep dr Unyuk,,, ❤

  2. chul_dhiel a.k.a dhila says:

    hei..ngapain bawa2 nama heechul sgala?
    *nabok hae*
    *ditabok balik ma bias2nya*

    hua…teuk pasti cengo aja nih ngedengerin eunhae ngobrol non-stop…XDDD

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