8 thoughts on “Fan Account – Super Show 3 Seoul Day 1

  1. super junior lover says:

    thank you leeteuk oppa
    Coz wareing saudi clothes
    You make us so happy
    Oppa you and all super junior member have fans in saudi arabia and all arab
    I hope you read this
    Komawa oppa

  2. chul_dhiel a.k.a dhila says:

    nggak kebayang bang tuki pake baju saudi arabia…*mulengarep*
    semua bahasa, brarti ada bhsa indo dunkz>>>???

    parah ih, bulan puasa nag2 suju pada buka2an…*nutup mata*

  3. donghaeeeee says:

    aish!!! why eunhyuk and donghae dancing with girls? HAH?! i want to shove them up someones ass (except for super junior) they were touching hyuk & hae’s ABS AND ASS AND THEIR NAKED BACK!!!!! aish, i hate her so ….. MUCH !!!!!! GRRRRRR ;_______;

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