Official – SPAO New Advertisements [LT,SW,DH,EH]

credit: SPAO Official Website | shared by ☆★pinkninja + bbyong~✪@
take out with full credits & do not hotlink!

*note: please do not bashing…thank you~^^


5 thoughts on “Official – SPAO New Advertisements [LT,SW,DH,EH]

  1. Zeseylin Valensia says:

    OMO~ won2q cool n ganteng bgt sie *mata blink2*jd pgn meluk aja..kyaaaaa…chagiya… *lompat kepelukany wonnie*

  2. Shizaryelf1218 says:

    Aish… hya siwonnie,,,,!! Tgung jwb… Ak mpe nhan nfas bbrp dtik, gra2 lyat kmu… >__< *ok ini lbay #abaikan!*
    Kyaa.. oppa2 suju emank kece.. Snsd onnie jga cntik.. ^^

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