Happy Birthday, Kibum!

The one who has the famous ‘killer smile’

Our Actor, Kibum…

Although you’re not always here with us, we know your heart is..

We wish you all the very best in life & may happiness always be with you

Happy Birthday ♥

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kibum!

  1. huaaaaaaaaa.. mari kita cipika cipiki dulu oppa.. *dtendang ke samudra hindia*
    saengil chukkaeyo.. smua ELF uda pada lumutan + karatan jg lapukan nungguin oppa ga nongol2..
    moga aja oppa bsaa bpartisipasi d album k 5 ntar.. amiiiiiiin
    smoga sehaaat slalu..🙂
    cepet dapet cewe dan smoga ga gila kaya kita2.. *gaje mode on on on*
    all the best for you.. happy birthday..😀

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