101010 Sukira Transcript

101006 EunTeuk’s call from Italy

Leeteuk’s Part

DJ: Is Leeteuk beside you?
Eunhyuk: He’s beside me.
DJ: Please pass the phone to him.
Eunhyuk: Please wait.
Leeteuk: Hello?
Infinite: Wah! Leeteuk hyung! Hello!
Leeteuk: Hello! You’re?
Infinite: We’re Infinite.
Jewelry: Hello! We’re Jewelry.
Navi: Hello! I’m Navi
DJ: Hello….
Leeteuk: Ah! Hello Navi!
Guests: Hahahahah
Leeteuk: Say something~
Girl: It’s very far, the distance is very far now.
Guy: Teuk hyung, are you’ll having fun now?
Leeteuk: The place I’m at now, I want to express it using a song.
Guests: Okay, woah yeah~
Leeteuk: Italy ah~ Italy ah~ (using CNBLUE’s I’m A Loner melody)
Guests: (continues) Daridaridadado~
Guests: Ah, aiyoh, really handsome~
DJ: Leeteuk ah.
Leeteuk: Ah? Yes.
DJ: Now a lot of listeners said, (they’re) curious about Leeteuk’s news, have you been fine?
Guy: Misses (him) a lot~
DJ: Please say a sentence.
Leeteuk: Now, (I’ve) slightly regretted~
Guests: Ah, hahahah, why, why?
Leeteuk: It’s because, we actually wanted to have a rest, now the places to shop at are too many.
Guests: Ah~~~
Leeteuk: Shopped too much, and we thought we could be carefree here in Europe, but because there are too many people who recognise us~
Guy: Ah, high popularity even in Europe, because there are too many people who recognise you’ll, so it’d be very tiring~
Guy: Hyung, teuk hyung!
Leeteuk: Ah?
Guy: What presents will you be buying back?
Leeteuk: Presents, what do you want? Because there’re a lot of branded stuffs here…..
Guests: Wah~~~
Leeteuk: The things you’ll want, I’ll get you’ll an A brand.
Guests: Wah~~~ A brand!
DJ: So finally, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk please say something to the listeners who missed you guys a lot.
Leeteuk: Although I’m not able to express it using words, we’ll be back soon. The happenings here, I’ve taken UCC videos for KTR.
Guests: Wah!
Leeteuk: I’ll be back soon, and tell interesting stories to everyone, (I) miss everyone~
Guy: Miss you too~
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk seemed a little weird when we reached here.
Guy: Haha heard he threw away his passport, haha that his passport was missing.
DJ: For the listeners, who had been waiting for Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, hurry and come back!
Guy: Come back soon~
Leeteuk: Will be going back soon.
Guy: Miss you~
Guy: Yes, it’s live broadcast.
Leeteuk: What corner is it now?
Guy: Today is special episode, new program…..
Leeteuk: Ah, special episode?
Guy: Yes, special episode, because hyungs are not here…
Leeteuk: No matter what, Soo ya, Navi and our Infinite, thank you for attending (Sukira).
Girl: Jewelry is here too!
Leeteuk: Firstly…
Girl: Haha, seemed like he didn’t catch it.
Leeteuk: I’ll treat you’ll to dinner, it’d be great if I can fork out time~
Girl: Thank you~!
Leeteuk: Please wait (Passed on to Eunhyuk)

Eunhyuk’s Part

Eunhyuk: Hello?
DJ/Guest: Hello? Who is it? Your man? Hey girl? Who are you? Hello? Who is this? Hello? Is this Eunhyuk? Eunhyuk?
Eunhyuk: Yes… me… its Eunhyuk.
DJ/Guest: Ah Eunhyuk hyung!! Hello!! Eunhyuk ah~ Eunhyuk, how are you? Is it tiring~ Hello (in Thai) ~ kekekeke
Eunhyuk: Who is that?
DJ/Guest: Where are you now? Eunhyuk?
Eunhyuk: Italy~? I am in Italy~!
DJ/Guest: Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk: Yes yes yes…
DJ/Guest: Now, I’m the DJ replacement for Eunhyuk, do you know who I am? I don’t mind. Uh hahahaha, make a guess keke. Eunhyuk ah, kekeke.
Eunhyuk: Who is it? Who!
DJ/Guest: Eunhyuk is anxious~
Eunhyuk: Who is it? Who is it?
DJ/Guest: Ah, I’m Soo A~ Who? Hong Soo A, its Hong Soo A~
Eunhyuk: Soo A?
DJ/Guest: Hong Soo A ah~ Eunhyuk ah, did you pretend not to hear it?
Eunhyuk: Hong Soo A is the DJ now?
DJ/Guest: Yes, Eunhyuk~ It’s the DJ replacement for Eunhyuk!
Eunhyuk: The baseball player Hong Soo A?
DJ/Guest: Eh hahahaha. Now I feel like I’m sweating profusely~ its Leeteuk now, eh?
Eunhyuk: What, I’ll be back.
DJ/Guest: No, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. There’re many people curious about the news of the both of you… Have you’ll had a good rest? Ah…
Eunhyuk: Although I didn’t know everyone went to Italy
DJ/Guest: Hahahah, ah ah~ Eunhyuk hyung~! Really handsome…
Eunhyuk: Who is this?
DJ/Guest: Hyung, how’s the weather over there in Italy according to the weather broadcast?
Eunhyuk: Oh, Because Suju is here, Italy became messy.
DJ/Guest: Ah~~ It’s Suju no doubt~!!! It’s like this even in Europe~~ Princes ah~ really are princes~
Eunhyuk: It’s a relaxing trip~
DJ/Guest: That’s great. Did you go there alone? Along? Eunhyuk ah, aren’t there other members beside you? I want to listen to Leeteuk’s voice~!
Eunhyuk: Is this Soo A talking right now?
DJ/Guest: Ah I’m perspiring profusely right now, yes it is. kekeke
Eunhyuk: Ah, thank you for replacing me. Really thankful.


source: eunhae.cnleeteukfamily.com.cn
chinese translation: ai_2h_ @ eunhae.cn + leeteukfamily.com.cn
english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ sj-world.net
take out with full credit & no additional credit

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