Happy 5th Anniversary Super Junior!

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Knock out~ You know I wanna do this right!

Debut Song with Twin (Knock Out) ELFs first realises a boyband named Super Junior through this song. A song that has strong feelings to it. With lot’s of members we might be thinking “are you sure??” Tapi, tanpa berhenti ELFs terus mendukung Super Junior hingga mereka mampu terus berkarya.

Life couldn’t get better~
Second MV that was released. Lot’s of soft and charming feelings here. Mereka tampil membawa kehangatan bagi para penggemarnya. Beberapa masalah muncul dalam grup itu, tapi mereka bisa mengatasinya. Hangeng dilarang tampil di berbagai acara karena kewarganegaraannya. Namun, semua member mendukungnya hingga ketentuan itu ditarik dan mereka bisa perform bebas tanpa hambatan.

Coz I can’t stop thinking bout you girl~
First digital album. And, new member, Cho Kyuhyun. The amazing voice KyuHyun. A miracle that comes to the group as Shindong said. Semenjak kedatangannya, Super Junior mulai merajai chart2 lagu Korea.

Don Don’t Modeun ge don sesang~
SJ kembali dengan album ke-2 mereka. Namun, hal besar terjadi dalam proses pembuatan album ini. The mirecle said boy, along with 3 other members, got a accident that almost stopped their activity. That accident almost killed that miracle boy. But, he was called the miracle boy without reason. He survived that accident and even participate on the second album with his weak body. Sometimes he almost faint when performing. But he bare those and sing. ^^

Narang kyeoronhae jullae?
Marry u, a song that proposes ELFs.. XD they look so adorable in tuxedos! They wanna prove to us that they love us so much.. I do~

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry naega naega naega monjeo~
Undoubtedly it’s their most hit album. Maybe it’s because ELFs miss them so much? Not only that! Musikalitas mereka meningkat pesat dan well,, ehhm.. *clearing throat* they are not a boy, but yes a man! *singing britney’s song* *kicked*
But, at the end of this album’s promotion, lot’s of problems happened. Starting from Kibum’s absence, and followed by Kangin’s DUI case, and last, Hangeng withdrawal from SJ. What makes it hurt is that Hangeng withdraws without letting other members know. Kangin finally decide to enter the military service for making up his mistakes. But, with all of that SuJu is still strong.

Dareun saram piryo eobseo nan geunyang neorago…
Sorry sorry repackage. This song is soooo sad! Expresing how SJ’s feelings toward ELFs. They don’t need anyone, but ELFs.. XD last song with Hangeng participating on it. T-T sad, but we have to face the truth. He is no longer with ELFs. He has his own fans. Gengfan. He has his own MVs. We only can support him. The new him. T_T

Bonamana bonamana bonamana bonamana na gateun namja~
Their recent album is daebak! With them looking sooo far more mature, this song reveal lot’s of happy things for ELFs. What? EUNHYUK, LEETEUK, AND SUNGMIN ABS! *nosebleed* XD

Neo gateun saram deo eobseo~
Cute cute and cute. Also romantic.. Yumm… (?) They give us the feeling of happy and being loved by a man… (OH YES I LOVE THEM!) *slapped* but. A little problem occur in this repackage. Sungmin wanted to change his image. From the beginning until now, sungmin has the image of cute boy. He is a man and he wants to be a man. He started to change his cute smile into a manly smile.. Ouwhhh~ sungmin-ah, we just love you as you are.. T_T XD

So who are they? They are our beloved boys who already be with us since D years ago. They still exist and they will exist for the rest of our life, in our hearts.

Happy 5th anniversary our beloved boys. We love you and will always support you… ^o^

by Ranisa

Even though we are far away in body, we know we are always together. Even though we don’t say I Love you, we know we love each other. Even though we don’t say we’re one, we know we’re one. 13

~ Lee Donghae


10 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary Super Junior!

  1. *tearing*
    i’m proud to be an ELF who is idolizing 13 boys like you..
    the happiness and the sadness of yours are all ours..
    happy 5th anniversary :*

  2. yerynsung says:

    Amazing! *two tumbs*
    saengil chukkae hamnida . . .super junior . . .^^
    ayo makan2 . . Haha . . .*jiwa2 kelaparan*

    sedih karena mereka gabisa ngerayain ultah ke5 suju sama-sama.. T___T
    aah, miss them, our lovely boyband~ >A<

    ini yang buat kak ran? o.o

  4. eternal magane girl says:

    I’m proud beeing an ELF.. I’m gonna be ELF 4ever.. ^^

    oppadeul, trima ksh sdh mnjd bagian dr hidupku!
    berbahagialah slalu.. jgn brsedih lg..
    klian hebat!! luar biasa!!

    Super Junior, neo gateun saram ddo eobseo..^^
    Happy 5th Anniversary^^

  5. loh? yang buat ran onn ya?? hehehe.. kirain dwee onn… #PLAK

    omo~ walopun ada beberapa yang ga aku mengerti,,, tp tetep aja menyentuh…
    ga kerasa udah 5taun..

  6. dhinhyuk says:

    aaah~~ saengil chukkae Super Junior..
    ga kerasa udah 5 taun aja..
    hhu.. saiia nyesel knpa ga dr awal pas suju mulai debut saiia jd ELFny.. -_____-
    tapi oppa, terima kasih banyak.. thank you very kamsa *hyuk: eh,itu kan pny gue* *me: kaborr~* XD
    walopun saiia terbilang baru untuk mejadi fans kalian tapi kalian udah memberi banyak inspirasi kepada saiia.. ^o^
    I’m proud to be ELF..

    Super Junior Hwaiting!!!

  7. cue says:

    saengil chukkae super junior……….!!! waaahh aq telat banget >,<
    lama ga browsing jadi ketinggalan deeh… hiks

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