3 thoughts on “MV – “King Wang Zzang” by Defconn feat. Heechul

  1. eternal magnae girl says:

    abank heenim……….*treak pke mic musholla*
    bagaikn bos yah abank heenim dfoto ntuh#nunjuk2 foto d atas#
    abank heenim klo nyanyi di ”lgu orang” lbh baxk dpt part nyanyian dr pd dgrupx sndiri..
    rapx KEREN abiezzzzzz…..

  2. NADIA says:

    My love sails on blue waters.
    Blue waters of your heart.
    My love dances on the wind.
    The wind of your soul.
    My love is a true reflection.
    Reflection of your eyes.
    My love will live forever.
    In your body and soul.

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