Super Junior M “Perfection” Mini Album Info + Tracklist

SJM ♫ Tracklist

1. 太完美 (Perfection)
2. 命運線 (Destiny)
3. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet)
4. 表白 (Off my mind)
5. True Love
6. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you)


▓ Super Junior M is releasing their new album “Perfection” to once again take on the Chinese market!
▓ Released first in Taiwan February 25, followed by all Asia!
▓ Brand new eight-person image, SJ Eunhyuk, Sungmin have been added so fans can be even more excited!
▓ Includes 35 pages of lyrics + photo booklet, as well one member’s autograph card (8 kinds in total)
▓ Includes 6 brand-new Chinese songs, including HENRY and Zhou Mi’s compositions “Off my mind” and “True Love,” as well as “Love is Sweet,” written by Jay Chou for Super Junior M

original source : avex official website
credit : @zhouminews | shared on
take out with full credit

9 thoughts on “Super Junior M “Perfection” Mini Album Info + Tracklist

    sumpah SM bikin bangkrut amat yaaaa T______T
    8 random card!!! pengennya yg DONGHAE~ kmrn aja blm beruntung malah dpt Siwon~
    maunya Donghaiiiiiii… lucu bgt kan klo mesti beli 8 ampe gw dpt card-nya Donghae?!!!

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