110213 & 110214 Ryeowook, Sungmin & Donghae’s Starcall

110213 Ryeowook’s Starcall

110214 Sungmin & Donghae’s Starcall [Valentine’s Day]


SM : Hi I’m Sungmin.It’s Valentine’s Day.
DH : Today is Valentine’s Day?
SM : yes.I received lots of chocolate.
DH : how many?
SM : me?three thousand fifty thousand…
DH : what??That’s ridiculous.
SM : actuality,I didn’t received anything. T.T
DH : huh?You received~Then What is the fans gave us chocolate in home??
SM : eh~I didn’t go back to home. so I didn’t know.
DH : huh?where are you living these days?

SM : nono I mean,after my schedule,I didn’t go back to home. Anyway,I’ll eat chocolates which you gave us and put on weight. I really appreciate the fans for their endless support and love.
DH : Because you gave us a lot of love, we received a lot of chocolate and we are getting a lot of love. I hope always blessed with good health. Valentine’s Day..Let with us.
SM : I envy you.
DH : Why?

credit : 13고마워요슈주님 | source : 2pinkninja @ youtube
translation by binxdaamo @ youtube


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