Happy Birthday Lee HyukJae ♥

Happy Birthday our beloved Lee HyukJae ♥

110404 you have your 26th birthday happily.

I wish you a happy birthday…may God always be with you…always be happy && stay healthy.

thank you for your existence. thank you for being our beloved jewel guy and for being a part of Super Junior.And today’s your birthday. You’ve made it through another amazing year with happiness with your members ♥

And I’m sure there are more happy years to come!
I hope you’ll have a wonderful 26th birthday, Lee Hyukjae. You only turn 26 years old once! And we’ll walk this path together so don’t cry anymore!

forever the dancing king Lee HyukJae ♥ asia’s anchovy ♥ gummy smiles ♥ cry baby ♥ strawberry milk ♥ EunHyuk

i love you..we love you..ELF loves you…always have and always will ♥

with ♥ from sujuelfone family

written by ★nemocchio


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lee HyukJae ♥

  1. Ryeomi ^^ says:

    ciecie,, ada yg ultah,, pntesan alarm ape gw bernyanyi2 tatkala diriku sdang tidur~~ *apadeh -___-“*
    saengilchukka hamnida uri asiaAnchovy Lee Hyuk Jae ~~ smoga julukan itu abadi #plak..!!
    wish u all the best dah,,,

  2. cimoet says:

    ekh knp ya comment gw ga prnh muncul?

    happy birthday kunyuuuuuuuuuk~~~
    udah gede ga boleh nangis lagi klu makanannya diambil 🙂
    wish u all d best

  3. walo telat.. tapi mau ngucapin..
    SAENGIL CHUKKAE URI HYUKJAE.. my sobang <333

    pokoknya gak boleh cengeng dan jadilah semakin keren dan seksi oppa…

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