Happy Birthday Choi Siwon ♥

Happy birthday Siwonnie…in this happy day may God always bless you ♥
Thank you for being our gentleman, shibrows, gesture man, prince Choi Siwon…and thank you for being a part of Super Junior ♥
Donghae said you are the most considerate person in Super Junior,
and will sacrifice anything for the happiness of everyone.
That’s why you’re so precious ♥
You seem perfect in every way, even though inside you still yearn to show more than what you have now.
I hope in 2011 you’ll be even more successful and wishing you a great life ahead…
I hope you’ll celebrate this happy day with your family and all the people you loved…
Please always be healthy and have a wonderful birthday….
Enjoy your birthday and always be happy Siwonnie…^^
ELF will always support and love you….
I love you…always have and always will ♥
with ♥ from sujuelfone family

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