Super Junior M Akan Merilis “Perfection” Versi B!

Super Junior M bakal segera merilis mini album “Perfection” versi B~ dalam versi B ini ada lagu baru, bonus DVD dan photobook juga 😉 Berikut info lengkap albumnya : 

▶ Description

The most explosive group this year… Taking over Taiwan again
SUPER JUNIOR-M repackaged album will be on sale!

Second Chinese Mini Album 『太完美』 Version B (CD+DVD)

Containing a new cover of 《West Wind’s Words》and Behind the Scnes footage of《Perfection》MV.
SUPER JUNIOR-M’s brand new single will be released again!

▶ Tracklist

01. 太完美 (Perfection)
02. 命運線 (Destiny)
03. 幸福微甜 (Love Is Sweet)
04. 表白 (Off My Mind)
05. True Love
06. 吹一樣的風 (My All Is In You)
07. 西風的話
08. 太完美 (Perfection) Korean Version
01.『太完美』Behind the Scenes of album jacket shooting (Traditional Chinese subtitles)
02.《太完美》Music Video Behind the Scenes (Traditional Chinese subtitles)
03.《太完美》Music Video (Traditional Chinese subtitles)
04.《太完美》Music Video (Korean Version)

▶ Information

SUPER JUNIOR-M repackaged album, deluxe DIGIPACK set on sale

Second Chinese Mini Album『太完美』Version B (CD+DVD)

◎CD contains an all-new cover of《西風的話》(West Wind’s Words) and《太完美》Korean Version
◎Album contains the sweet song that the king of Chinese music “Jay Chou” wrote for SJ-M《幸福微甜》as well as 7 other songs
◎Contains a new 64-paged mini photo-book like lyrics book
◎DVD contains《太完美》Chinese and Korean version MVs
◎DVD also contains precious footage from the album jacket filming as well as behind the scenes from the MV filming (with Traditional Chinese subtitles)

* Deluxe pre-order versions A and B, choose one of the two (Each album comes with one pre-order gift)
※ Type A gift:『太完美』Version B poster
※ Type B gift:『太完美』Version B full-colored plastic folder

Pre-order date:2011.04.19 ~ 2011.04.27
Collection date:2011.04.29 onwards, for 2 weeks (to be decided by each store)

*Things To Note
1. Gifts will be collected together with the albums
2. Time for collection will be decided upon by the store
3. Our company and the retailers reserve the right to accept or decline any pre-orders

Thank you for your support!!

source : avex taiwan
shared by Euodsie @
take out with full credit


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