110419 Update Cyworld Yesung

Photo Entry 02:40
In Folder ‘Super man!!

2011.4 .. bersama Kkoming ^^


Photo Entry 02:42
In Folder ‘TV

Super Junior Leeteuk dan Yesung’s Kiss The Radio ^^


Photo Entry 02:35
In Folder ‘Heaven Cloud

2011.4 …bertemu dengan Namho hyung setelah sekian lama ^^


Photo Entry 02:37
In Folder ‘E.L.F.

Super Junior World Tour !!


Photo Entry 02:38
In Folder ‘Love is..

Our ELF who are the most beautiful in the world !!

source: Yesung’s CY | translated by TrucY @ sj-world.net
take out with full and proper credits.

Author’s note : saya ngga mentranslate entry kelima ke bahasa karena i think it’s more beautiful in english ^-^


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