Time To Say Goodbye~

Hi everyone! As you might have seen, this blog has been dead in the last couple of months 😦 It’s really unfortunate because I do remember how this blog used to be the source of (little) joy for some people. We weren’t the best blog around and we’ll never be, but what we found here valued more than just a blog.

The beginning was fun, the mid was a bit stressful (with a couple of problems etc) and the ending is bittersweet. I actually don’t want to end it just like this, I really do want to make this blog shine again but I can’t. And since all of us here are also busy with our own private life now so I think maybe it’s really the time for us to say goodbye. The blog will still up and I will open the NY page for some of you who might want to recall our glory days ^^ unless someone come to me and say he/she wants to take over this blog, SJE1 is officially closed. Last but not least, I personally want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been supporting us 🙂


7 thoughts on “Time To Say Goodbye~

  1. dhila_アダチ says:

    la juga trimakasih banget kak, krna blog ini, la bisa…..

    haha, gapapa, kita juga harus lebih mementingkan pekerjaan pribadi kan, ini anggap aja hanya selingan…hehe =D

    pokoknya, makasi juga kak udah nyediain kembali page NY, biar ntar klo kangen bisa nyampah di sana lagi…wkwkwk….

    seperti kata kak ressa, blog boleh di’tutup’ tapi persahabatan tidak boleh ikutan tutup!!!

    kamsahamnida -^o^-

  2. Raechanyz says:

    So Sad~
    but, we’ll always love you sje1 😉
    terlalu banyak kenangan disini *halah* pokonya sje1 dae~~~~baaaak deh :3
    entah kenapa jd makin kangen sama semua mahluk yg mengajarkan ke-abnormal-an sama saia~!! ahahaha /hug all admins and readers/ :*****

  3. its so sad, mianhe dwee onn juga ga bisa bantu banyak since i’m married. Big thanks for all author sje1 mulai dr format awal hingga akhir.. Khususnya buat dwee yg sdh bjuang sendirian ktika smua sibuk dgn pribadi msg2.. Sje1 always in my heart sje1 yg mengenalkan suju lebih dlm sje1 yg sdh menampung sgala kesarapan onn.. Sje1 kamsahamnida.. Saranghae.. I’ll miss our glory day and i love u all my dongsaeng big big hug TT_TT

  4. omg!!?? I can’t understand, why you do it!? I’m a newbie and new readers. But i don’t know you closed your page?? This so wreid, i can’t understand, what on your mind?? I’m so sad TT^TT

  5. Baru buka blog ini eh malah udah tutup duluan #TelatBanget -_-
    Blog ini akan saya baca baca aja, semoga ada keajaiban buat blog ini untuk dibuka kembali. thanks you admin :*

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